I am a creative researcher in Mixed Reality (XR) + Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), focusing on interactive storytelling through inputs like EEG, eye-gaze, and natural locomotion.

My wide-area augmented reality (AR) projects delve into artistic exploration, including AR Theater and virtual stage design, AI audiences, and deploying volumetric captured choreography.

By experimenting with AR in wide-area spaces, I aim to expand human interaction and transform perceptions of spatial relations in augmented environments. I design system/environments for synchronous experience, exploring new human-computer communication accentuated by commercial adaptations

My goal is to investigate how behaviors and perceptions of physical space change through experimental interactions in an AR space. By engaging the interactive components we present in these AR layouts, users can explore new possibilities for spatial interaction and human expression. I often ponder how people would better consume live performances in mixed reality where all the computational limitations are lifted. My efforts expand reality by finding natural ways of communicating in a simulated reality.

I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the Media Arts and Technology program at UC Santa Barbara, I focus on immersive mixed reality experiences, interactive narrative, game design and AR theater. I enjoy conducting research in the Four Eyes Lab, with its inspiring view of the Santa Barbara coastline.

I enjoy researching in my office space at Four Eyes Lab, overlooking the beautiful Santa Barbara coastline. 

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Santa Barbara