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Dynamic Theater

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Hello, world! 

I’m a 6th year Ph.D. Candidate in Media Arts and Technology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. My primary research interest lies in Mixed Reality (XR) + Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), focusing on interactive narrative and game design & development.

I'm interested in exploring new ways of interaction in immersive mixed reality. I strive to bring an immersive theater experience in augmented reality, designed for a wide-area outdoor environment. I envision a computational world that captures the delicacy of human communication and relationships. I like to infuse joy & play into the research and game world I make, where community and life can transverge.

I did my MFA in Computational Media at Duke University, while teaching undergraduate core computer science classes. I received a BFA in Art and Technology from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

                  “There are as many applications for VR as you can think of,                                                               it’s restricted by your imagination.” 

-  John Goddard, HTC Vive

Recent News

My most recent works Dynamic Theater and Reality Distortion Room are featured on the university website. Exciting time!


Elings Hall 2005 (Four Eyes Lab)

California NanoSystems Institute

Santa Barbara

Places Where I Lived

I grew up in Japan, attending Japanese public schools. I attended middle school in Boston, Massachusetts, and later graduated from high school in South Korea. Having grown up in multiple countries and moving eleven times, I have learned how to adapt to new languages and cultures, which subsequently, strengthened my ability to adapt to new platforms and environments.

I found immense joy from exploring and experimenting ways to connect with people. These unique experiences made me greatly appreciate and be interested in human interaction and discussion within the context. I am here to answer any questions you may have about my work. You are more than welcome to connect with me through links listed below. I will make sure to respond to your questions!




I enjoy researching in my office space at Four Eyes Lab, overlooking the beautiful Santa Barbara coastline. 

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