You-Jin Kim is an artist-programmer of machinery live performance and new media. He considers his work as a vehicle for rediscovering personal memories and stored data. In addition to his extensive programming background, You-Jin is researching computational media to seek a better understanding of human affiliate with automation.

You-Jin has been obsessed with technology for as long as he can remember–starting with the first time he installed Linux OS on a recycled computer. He spent several years toying around with the Linux ecosystem before he moved on to the experimental path of adopting computational technologies to his installation sculptures.

You-Jin focuses on visual programming and ways of presenting a large amount of data on a personal level. He believes the most powerful way to convey knowledge is to process the data into an intimate material. Through the right presentation, You-Jin strives to introduce revolutionary ways to communicate with one’s memories and experiences.

You-Jin is a multi-disciplinary creator, who sees the technology in context. The virtual reality environment, which he is designing, acts as a supporting medium to embrace human creativity through emerging technologies.

You-Jin Kim holds an MFA from Duke University and has more than 2 years of experience in the field of public affairs. His works and interactive digital media have been exhibited in Chicago, New York, Seoul, and Tokyo.